Christian Survivors of Suicide

A christian support group for those that have lost a friend or loved one to suicide. This group provides support to family and friends of persons who have ended their own lives, dealing with common issues and theological questions.


Group Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we benefit from a Christian Support Group?
  1. Helps us feel less isolated: we may not know anyone else who has been through what we’ve been through.
  2. Offers validation that grieving is expected and normal.
  3. Provides understanding from others in the group about common experiences and feelings.
  4. Creates a chance for us to learn from each other and to learn about the grief process.
  5. Gives us resources to seek other information out- side the group.
  6. Supplies personal warmth and spiritual support to us at a time when we need it most.
How does recover from a suicide death differ from regular grief?
  1. Sometimes there is a feeling of stigma that others will be shocked and judgmental about this kind of death.
  2. Emotions such as anger and guilt may be more intense.
  3. Some survivors may experience post-traumatic stress syndrome, especially if he or she had to deal directly with the death. This involves an intense fear about another traumatic event happening and re- quires special counseling.