Special Needs

At First Church, we believe that grace, love, and a relationship with Jesus are for everyone, regardless of their abilities! Because of this, we want to make sure that we provide opportunities and environments for those with Special Needs to Know, Worship, and Serve Jesus too.

At the elementary level, we accomplish this as much as possible through inclusion. At the 9:30 AM hour, at each of our locations, we have “Buddies” who serve as helpers to kids with special needs. Buddies make it possible for parents/guardians to attend service while their child with special needs is being loved in a safe environment and learning about Jesus in a developmentally appropriate way. We also have a sensory room at each of our campuses to help provide a safe and inviting environment for special needs kids who need extra attention or who have a more difficult time integrating with the whole group.

For middle school and older, we have a monthly service called “Unified”. Unified is a service designed specifically for students and young adults with special needs but it’s also more than that! Through a unified service, we will join people with and without special needs together for the single purpose of worship and promoting social inclusion through a shared experience. This service is held every 3rd Sunday at 9:30AM at our Burlington Campus.

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